Passion and Creations -
A Lifestyle with Nature

I feel blessed to see my designs come to life. To me, without passion and inspiration the process of creations would be too tactical and lifess. It is through emotions and inspiration that we find an extra layer of magic that moves us in a more meaningful way. I feel grateful that nature surrounding our farm has become my muse. It is not just an inspiration. It is now part of my lifestyle.

From Passion to Fashion

Over the years, my passion has allowed me to incorporate my love for nature in my fashion designs. The elements of happy colors, vibrant designs and calming moods define my creations. Each design comes with a meaning. The story behind each design is as important as other elements. It brings harmony to what I do. Be SMART also means Stylish, Meaningful Art. This defines passion for fashion.

Scarf • Mask • Art Wear

It is my sincere hope that you Be Happy and Be Safe each day! My original desigs of scarves with matching face masks were design with love and care. They are not just artful and unique. They come with nose wire, stretchable ear loop, three-layers with a space for removable filter.

Sterling Silver Collection

My original designs of jewelries using sterling silver show my love for intricate desgins. Inspired by nature, some of my pieces were chosen as part of Wearable Art Competition & Exhibition juried by Smithsonian Associates. Handmade with love, these are limited and most items are sold out at this time.

Nature's Scent

Inspired by love for lavender and rose essential oil, Nature's Scent brings a calming delightful aroma that is good for our senses. True to its name, this collection bring the message of "Be Sweet, Be Calm" with its every drop. The intricate bottles go well with the timeless and delicate scents. Though no longer available, I hope this collection inspires you to use perfume made of natural ingredients.

• Tea Time Moments Collection • Carved Inspiration • Everlasting Roses • Hand-blown Glasses • Embroidered Sachets

Be ART Home! What a delight to put this collection for Blue Dreams USA Farm Boutique, a unique place to shop while you sip tea and enjoy nature! These artisan quality tea sets, carved art work, hand blown glasses, preserved roses arrangements, and embroidered sachets are exclusively made for Blue Dreams USA. Check out the collection and shop at the farm during summer when it is opened to the public. You can also shop online.

Music, Books, Greeting Cards, and More

In the past, I have pursued my love and passion to nourish my inner self with music, creativity and simple joy of creations. In all, these creative projects made me a better person richer in experience.

Be One with Our Company

Imelda Roberts Collection is distributed by Blue Dreams USA, a farm boutique located in Frederick, Maryland, and with online presence at As Co-Owner, Imelda always look forward to meeting people and finding common partnerships to enhance their offerings. We invite you to be one with our company by following our journey, partnering with us should opportunity arises, and providing feedback to improve our offerings.


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