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Imena Azul

Under the leadership helm of Imelda Roberts, Imena Azul-Blue Dreams USA has expanded its reach in the global community and making it the creative through e-commerce. It's retail operation began in 2001 selling fashion merchandise from different countries. Its first store front, Imena Azul Designer Collections, was located in the high-end Columbia Mall.

Today, Imena Azul also does its own inhouse designs and sources its own products. It also partners with manufacturers and designers from different countries to bring a variety of unique products at highly competitive prices.

Partnership and Passion

Imena Azul started with a simple dream. Since then, Imena Azul has continued to live by what its brand name means - instill faith and confidence in the power of ones passion and dreams through a number of creative endeavors they have implemented over the years. As part of its goals, Imena Azul invites other designers to capture their dreams and passion into creations and showcase them proudly in this website.




Imelda Roberts - President & CEO
Imelda is responsible for overall planning, design and strategic directions of Imena Azul-Blue Dreams USA. A multi-awarded executive, Imelda is also the President of First Magnitude International. She is the creative force behind a number of major projects of Imena Azul-Blue Dreams USA and First Magnitude.




Johan Cerrada - Arts and Graphics Director
Since 2005, Johan is responsible for overall design of arts and graphics for Imena Azul-Blue Dreams USA and parent company, First Magnitude. His work covered brand design, media graphics, digital and web designs. Under his creative direction, he is responsible for overall design of Imelda Roberts' website, media kits and various arts and other graphics needs of the company.


Francis Tagubuan - Talent and Production Director
Francis is in charge of finding talents and artists for Imena Azul's music production. He has assisted Imelda Roberts with production of music and video in the Philippines. He has worked for many years with GMA Network, a multi-awarded company and one of the largest television networks in the Philippines.




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